Outside Nate Bar

This multipurpose bar is set on casters and made out of reclaimed and weathered oak barn wood . Ideal for the patio or deck . it can be used as a dining table or as a bar to serve drinks. The bar stools, also out of reclaimed oak, complete the set. Treated with all green ” Hempshield” outdoor products.

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The Curious Palate – Santa Monica

Santa Monica Place, the Market, 3rd Floor, Santa Monica, California

I wanted this space to be light and airy, inviting and warm… contemporary yet comfortable. Concept, design and woodwork by Stephan Roggenbuck, Bauwerkgreen

All wood is reclaimed Douglas Fir, all finishes natural and organic oils. I felt that a beautiful curved suffet and counter top would create a sensuous invitation to the space, while the floating douglas fir panels would bring a warmth and comfort to the eating area… and indeed they do!

The glass shelves are discreetly inserted into the Douglas Fir wall panel and bring the eye up to the clear plexiglass ceiling which gives the space a lofty height. The Italian blue glass tiles bring a sparkling sense of calm.

Such a joy to create this space for restaurant owners Mark and Elliot.

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The Curious Palate – Mar Vista

A deli cafe with excellent fresh, organic food bought from local farmers’ markets.

Owners Elliot and Mark wanted a rustic look for their new restaurant. Looking at it in its original state as a fast food taco joint, I imagined opening up the flat, wide ceiling. This created a perfect open and airy feeling.

I used reclaimed douglas fir as a repeating element for the chalk board, the tables, the cash register and the community table in the patio dining area.

These are made of reclaimed 17 foot long Douglas Fir beams. The lighter stripe in the middle from the restaurant table tops are new FSC certified Doug Fir, this I added as a design element. All wood is finished with natural oil.

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The “Mathilda” sideboard is created from reclaimed Douglas Fir and finished with an organic white pigment oil to give a sense of breath and light. The top features a paper thin layer of poured and tinted concrete with fine crushed glass inlays here and there.

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Made from reclaimed Douglas Fir and organic fabric and filling, the “Lisbeth” Couch features bent wood arms and a bit of extra length and height, adding a grounding warmth and a gentle splash of color to any space.

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Teak Door

I was asked to build this front door for a new contemporary modern residence in the Palisades. Solid 3/4 inch teak sandwiched on a core piece of plywood (no formaldehyde) with two narrow windows cut into the 8 foot door. The whole thing(about 650 pounds) hangs on pivots and works with a magnetic lock. No door handles required. Opens both ways.

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Spiral Playhouse

A family in Venice asked me if I could build a play structure for their children. Inspired by my Waldorf background, I created a spiral form that would keep the children

mesmerized. The ground area features a secret sand play area and the bent wood steps lead to a round house in the trees surrounded by rope and unusual hiding places.

The house is based on 12 round poles . To protect them against moisture, I burned the lower part that is in the ground and created a coal patina. The roof is a flower blossom.

The wood is FSC Certified Pine, Plywood and Cedar.

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Glass Armonica Case

Trueblood composer Nathan Barr uses this glass armonica invented by Ben Franklin in many of his scores. He asked me to build a contemporary, protective, attractive case and seat for it. Wood is fsc oak. mitered corners. traditional wood joints. Finished with oil and wax.

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Floating Desk

The Challenge was to create a desk without any legs. I remembered from my architecture studies in Germany how torque works. I used that knowledge and anchored the desk in the wall.

It extends from the wall out to 7 feet into the room and is able to support any body weight on the end. Material is wheat board, structural support metal and High pressure laminate (indoor air certified)

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Entertainment Center

A contemporary piece with clean lines and knob-free pop open doors. Audio equipment is hidden behind these perforated steel, wooden framed doors.

Thus it’s possible to use the remote control without opening the doors, keeping the furniture dirt free. There is a spacious shelf underneath the equipment area for art books and personal items. Made out of Wheatboard and sprayed with Aura Paints.

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