The Curious Palate – Mar Vista

A deli cafe with excellent fresh, organic food bought from local farmers’ markets.

Owners Elliot and Mark wanted a rustic look for their new restaurant. Looking at it in its original state as a fast food taco joint, I imagined opening up the flat, wide ceiling. This created a perfect open and airy feeling.

I used reclaimed douglas fir as a repeating element for the chalk board, the tables, the cash register and the community table in the patio dining area.

These are made of reclaimed 17 foot long Douglas Fir beams. The lighter stripe in the middle from the restaurant table tops are new FSC certified Doug Fir, this I added as a design element. All wood is finished with natural oil.

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Floating Desk

The Challenge was to create a desk without any legs. I remembered from my architecture studies in Germany how torque works. I used that knowledge and anchored the desk in the wall.

It extends from the wall out to 7 feet into the room and is able to support any body weight on the end. Material is wheat board, structural support metal and High pressure laminate (indoor air certified)

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