About us

Stephan Roggenbuck was born in northern Germany in a tiny town called Lingen, surrounded by cows, farms and stone houses. His love affair with wood started at the age of 17 when he began an apprenticeship as a woodworker with a local master as part of a larger three year fine furniture program. He graduated from this program with a thorough knowledge of german master craftsmanship under his belt.

He then went on to study architecture, sculpture and anthroposophic philosophy after which he created his own fine furniture company in the Black Forest which he maintained for 8 years. During that time he was part of the team that created 10 retail stores for the largest natural food store chain in Germany, Alnatura, working with the green designer Achim Hacken. In addition, he participated as a builder and design consultant for the anthroposophic theatre scale in Basel, Switzerland, the Waldorf School of Waldkirch, and numbers other high profile, green projects.

Today, Stephan’s southern California based company Bauwerkreen brings together all the natural influences and elements of his past, including the Japanese fine art of furniture making and the Art Deco time period, to create and recreate retail spaces, private residences, and his first love, fine furniture.

He uses all organic and natural methods and materials. When approaching a new project, Stephan’s vision includes creating an organic flow for the space or piece, and accentuating natural light and natural grains while addressing the unique needs of each client. Roggenbuck’s passion for his work, his materials and the planet shine through each and every one of his creations.



Lisbeth Scott: singer/songwriter
Kim Tolman – Theater and Set Design
The Curious Palate – Local Organic Eatery
Outi Harma – Fine artist
Nathan Barr – Composer
Ladjili Jewelry